Self-Paced Online Courses

The IOIA Training Institute is pleased to offer organic inspection courses through our online Self-Directed Learning (SDL) program. Courses are currently offered at the 100 and 200 level and are geared toward working inspectors and reviewers. The self-paced nature of the platform allows each participant to complete course outcomes on their own timeline and at their own convenience.

We are currently working on more courses, to be offered in 2022.


100 Level COR 1 - Our Organic Certification System

This first course introduces the players, roles, and documents in the Canada Organic Regime, explains the relationship between all COR documents, and examines the regulatory and administrative documents in more detail. Packaging and labeling for all organic products is covered as part of the organic regulation. Equivalency agreements with other countries are also discussed for all commodity groups.

Taught by IOIA Trainer and organic inspector Lisa Pierce.

100 Level COR 2 - COR Crop Production Standards

Part of IOIA's Self Directed Learning COR Series on the Canada Organic Regime, covering crop production standards. 

Taught by IOIA Trainer and organic inspector Lisa Pierce.

200 Level Dairy Feed Audit

The 200 Level Dairy Feed Audit training is geared for livestock inspectors, reviewers and organic program managers. This course is focused on organic certification requirements to the NOP Standards. 

Taught by IOIA Trainers Jonda Crosby and Nate Powell-Palm.

Please submit this application for approval using the document upload function on your IOIA site profile page prior to registering.

200 Level IOIA/AGA Grassfed Dairy Inspection

This online course was developed by IOIA with the American Grassfed Association (AGA) to prepare experienced organic dairy inspectors to perform an “add-on” AGA inspection at the same time as an organic inspection, or as a stand-alone AGA inspection.

This course is presented by experienced IOIA Trainer Harriet Behar.

Capacitación en Inspección Remota de la IOIA - nivel 200

Para acceder a esta guía de recursos basada en la web, primero:

1. Regístrese/Pague a través del portal GoToWebinar

2. Crea una cuenta para este sitio web

Una vez que se haya registrado y tenga acceso a este sitio, siga los pasos a continuación para completar la capacitación.

Impartido por el entrenador de IOIA Garth Kahl y otros.

How to Conduct Remote Inspections - 200 Level

This is a 200 Level course geared toward working inspectors and reviewers. 

Presented by Amanda Birk; Patti Bursten-Deutsch; Rachel Cherry Myers; Lois Christie; Garth Kahl; and Terrance Layhew.