International Training

Growing with an Organic World

Organic marketplace, Huatulco, MexicoGrowing demand for organic products creates growing demand for more inspectors and for continuing education for working inspectors. In Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador, certifiers choose IOIA-trained inspectors.

As the organic sector grows, IOIA receives dozens of requests each year for training outside the US. IOIA meets the demand for global training through partnerships with regional cosponsors and collaboration with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). With our staff of multi-lingual trainers located around the globe, courses are provided in the language of the region and using the most appropriate regional organic standard. The IFOAM/IOIA International Organic Inspection Manual (available in English, Spanish, and French) is the basic text for all 100-level entry level inspector courses. IOIA provides high quality training where it is needed, fosters the birth of regional inspector organizations, and facilitates access to inspector training for local inspectors.

IOIA is currently most active in North and South America and Asia. However, IOIA responds to training requests from around the globe and welcomes members from any country. In 2010, we responded to a request to provide producer workshops in South Africa.

The webinar format allows IOIA to meet training needs around the world in an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective format. Since 2010, IOIA has brought expertise to classrooms around the world using webinars. In 2011, IOIA delivered organic aquaculture inspection training via webinar format in Hong Kong with a Canadian trainer in the classroom, an expert presenter from the USA, all cosponsored with the Hong Kong Organic Resource Center. IOIA has provided updates to the USDA NOP Organic Standards and Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS) for certifiers and inspectors in Australia.

Contact our International Training Manager for more information about training in your region.