Organic Policy Comments


IOIA provides comments to the National Organic Standards Board on a regular basis and has also commented to the National Organic Program on issues involving inspectors.


The US Farm Bill 2023

Accreditation & Certification Subcommittee (CACS) Discussion Document “Oversight Improvements to Deter Fraud: Consistent Location Identification” (April 5, 2023)

Organic Livestock and Poultry Standards - comments to the NOP (11/11/2022)

DEI Resources for Organic Professionals - report (9/30/2022)

Lessons learned, tools, and recommendations for organic professionals, organic organizations, and the organic program are gathered into this final report on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Fall 2022 NOSB comments

Inspector Retention Working Group Final Report (9/23/2022)

Spring 2022 NOP Comments (3/30/2022)

Spring 2022 NOSB Recommendations (3/30/2022)

Fall 2021 NOSB Comment (9/30/2021)

IOIA on Human Capital (4/1/2021)

IOIA on Strengthening Organic Enforcement (10/5/2020)