About IOIA

IOIA is the professional organization of organic inspectors and offers training and networking world-wide for crop, livestock, and processing inspector.

IOIA was founded in 1991 by organic inspectors who recognized the need for uniform inspector processes and protocols to build inspector skills and promote public confidence. IOIA launched the first inspector accreditation program for organic inspectors in 1994.

Incorporated in the USA as a nonprofit, IOIA operates globally with nearly 250 inspector members in more than a dozen countries. Supporting membership is open to individuals, businesses, and organizations that support IOIA’s goals.

The IOIA Training Institute trains hundreds of working and new inspectors annually through dozens of on-site or web-based internationally recognized training events. IOIA collaborates within the organic sector with governmental agencies including the USDA National Organic Program, certification agencies, and other nonprofit educational entities, to ensure quality inspections, quality inspectors, and organic integrity.

Inspectors are typically the only persons on-site annually to verify organic practices for both private and governmental certification bodies.