The 2022 IOIA AGM - Inspiration for the Future


Not just another Zoom meeting, the March 3 AGM meeting was Our Community gathering, where we elected new members to the Board of Directors; enjoyed a provocative and inspiring presentation by keynote Bernward Geier; tried out the Miro online whiteboard application to reveal topics that members want to discuss further... we even had a raffle with winners receiving coffee, IOIA cap, and exotic Korean wine.

A recording of Bernward's presentation is available via youtube, see link below. 

IOIA is celebrating our 30th anniversary; we will be posting various announcements here to that end.

It's also the "Year of Organic", as declared by IFOAM-Organics International and we will be sharing that theme as well.


Bernward GeierKeynote Speaker: Bernward Geier - Read all about him here.   See his AGM presentation here.

2022 AGM Draft Agenda

2021 Draft AGM Minutes

Board of Directors election - Candidate Bios