IOIA Committees


Please contact respective chairs or board liaisons to join that committee via the IOIA Membership Directory.


Accreditation: Chair: Pam Sullivan   Board Liaison:  Kathe Purvis
Purpose: To oversee the inspector accreditation program including to review, adjudicate and propose policy and criteria used to accredit inspectors. To formulate accreditation standards and procedures.
Asia Pacific Committee: Chair: Mutsumi Sakuyoshi  Board Liaison: Margarito Cal.
Purpose: Give voice to Asia members concerns.
For more information about Training Services in the Asia Pacific region, please visit: https://www.IOIA.Asia

Bylaws: Chair: Al Johnson   Board Liaison:  Justin Hurley
Purpose: Ongoing response to bylaws issues.

Canadian: Chair: Bill Barkley   Board Liaison:  Janine Gibson
Purpose: Give voice to Canadian members concerns.

Ethics: Chair: Brian Baker   Board Liaison:  Kathe Purvis
Criteria for membership is past board or alternate service. Purpose: To deal with complaints received by the IOIA office based on the Codes of Ethics and Conduct.

Finance: Chair: Allan Benjamin   Board Liaison:  Margarito Cal
Purpose: Advise board on fiscal matters, combined with fundraising committee.

Fundraising: Chair: Janine Gibson   Board Liaison Beth Dominick

Latin American:  Philippe Descamps   Board Liaison: Margarito Cal
Purpose: Give voice to Latin American members concerns.

Membership:  Chair: Eric Feutz   Board Liaison: Joe Ward
Purpose: Develop membership services and numbers.

Nominations:  Chair: Eric Feutz  Board Liaison: Joe Ward
Purpose: Prepare annual ballot for Board of Directors.
Policy Comment Committee: Chair: Kate Newkirk  Facilitator: Rachel Cherry Myers  Board Liaison: Margarito Cal
Purpose: Use IOIA Comment Policy and Decision Tree to determine whether IOIA will submit comments on local, state, national or international issues in the organic industry that would impact inspectors and/or the inspection process; or issues outside of the organic industry which impact independent contractors. Draft and/or review comments as needed.

Scholarship: Chair: Arthur Bassett   Board Liaison: Rhea Epp
Purpose: Ongoing review and selection of scholarship applications.   
Training Advisory: Co-Chairs and Board Liaisons: Janine Gibson and Kathe Purvis