Organic Standards

The full text of these standards is available by clicking on the links.

Bio-Suisse Standards  (Switzerland)


1. Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, 2018 – ONLY the Organic Products section Part 13 (printed page numbers 167-182; document page numbers 191-206):

2. Canadian Organic Standards - CAN/CGSB-32.310 (the Standards), 2020 Corrigendum No. 1, March 2021:

3. The Permitted Substances Lists - CAN/CGSB-32.311 (the PSL), 2020 Corrigendum No. 1, March 2021:

4. Canada Organic Office Operating Manual, v. 18, July 2020:

5. Standards Interpretation Committee – Final Q&As – updated frequently so please go to    (on the right side of the page under “Interpretation of the COS” you’ll see a “click here” in bold which will take you to the most current version of SIC Q&A which you can then save and/or print)

European Union:

Council Regulation (EC No. 834/2007) (European Union)
EC No. 889/2008


Organic Product Standards in India | Prakati India


Organic JAS : MAFF

Republic of Korea:

For English language pdf documents, click here. Courtesy of Isidor Yu.

Latin America:


Chile: They have a law, rule, and technical standard:

Costa Rica: Costa Rica’s rule is equivalent to EU as Third Country since approx 2005:
Info provided by Luis Brenes & Juan Carlos Benitez Izurieta

Mexico:  English language

United States:

National Organic Program (NOP)

Other International Standards:

Codex Alimentarius - UN standards  Please note this site is not secure.

IFOAM NORMS - Purchase download or CD. Also available via this link is the USDA/EU Regs Comparison

Int'l Organization for Standardization