100 Level COR 1 - Our Organic Certification System

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Course Description

The organic certification program in Canada – the Canada Organic Regime (COR) – can be a somewhat daunting system at first glance: six primary documents and numerous organizations and committees that revise and interpret the standard.  This course is about directing you to resources and providing context. The premise is that, by providing insight into why the system is the way it is,  explaining the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of documents, not just the ‘what’ of particular documents, you will fully understand, appreciate, and be better equipped to navigate and interpret the organic rules and regulations.

The ongoing development of the organic certification system in Canada is a unique, volunteer driven process. In this course, we will speak to organic verification officers (VOs) who have served on various national committees, to gain insight into this process. Organic VOs are not only a vital component in the verification of standards in the field, but have contributed greatly to the ‘behind the scenes’ development of an organic certification system in Canada.


Designed to be self-paced, each course is approximately 3 hours in length.


The Regulation course is a pre-requisite for the crop production course and, when available, the livestock, processing and aquaculture standard courses.