Nazir Alnahlawi, Ph.D. - Inspector

East Milling International Group California UNITED STATES


Languages: Arabic (Fluent) English (Fluent) French (Fluent) Italian (Fluent) Spanish (Fluent)

Organizations Inspected For

SOFARC - SY; ECOCERT,SA; East Milling Research Station, QOFA

Inspection Experience

Aquaculture Citrus Cotton Field Crops/row crops Fresh Vegetables Herbs Spices Tree fruits Vineyards Olives Legumes Marine Fisheries Aqua Fisheries Wild Plants
Dairy Sheep Milk Processing Products
Beer Cereals Juicing Oil extraction Vinegar



Ph.D. in Horticulture,1970, Imperial College, Wye Univ. of London & East Milling Research Station; Kent, England


I have the ability to perform inspections for organic products and foodstuffs processing world-wide, as an international inspector; as my education includes a Ph.D. from London University in Agriculture. I have joint FAO/UNDP in Spain for 3 years; then to FAO/UNDP in Mexico and the Arab countries, then to the USA in San Jose to continue with the production, inspection, certification and consulting of organic products and foodstuffs processing for farmers that produce organic food with no pesticide or chemical fertilizers, with acceptable prices for the very high quality of organic agricultural food products.