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Where Food Comes From Colorado UNITED STATES

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NOP Livestock Standards (2019) , In/Out & Traceability - Processing - 200 (2019) , (2019) , Processing Materials (2019) , COR Crop Standards (2019)



International Certification Services, Inc. (ICS) offers certification with integrity, honesty, and a dedication to the philosophies organics originated from. ICS is often considered to be one of the strictest certifiers. This is because ICS cares about our clients and organic consumers. We want our clients to be able to say proudly, and without any doubt "My product is organic." We at ICS take pride in being able to provide point of purchase assurance to all consumers. With our highly trained, experienced staff and our more streamlined, technology-based certification process, our Customer Care Specialists have more time to concentrate on clients' needs. You can visit our website at www.ics-intl.com. We are also featured on Facebook and Twitter!