IOIA Live Online Basic Organic Inspection
Training Courses | Monday – Friday


Participants need to have capable computer skills and the bandwidth capacity to participate fully on IOIA’s Zoom platform.

These three steps are required to be accepted into and participate in the Live Online Basic courses.
These steps should be completed in the following order:

Step 1: Live Online Registration. Registration Links available on training page.


Step 2:  Complete the course Application.

Step 3:  Participants are required to complete the appropriate 100-level NOP Standards (crop, processing or livestock) prerequisite webinar training (6 hours) before taking a Live Online Basic course.  If you are accepted into the course, you will be sent a link to register for this prerequisite webinar. The prerequisite webinar requires participants to complete a pre- and mid- webinar assignment and final exam, as well as some background preparatory reading in addition to participating in the Webinar.

If you have already completed this webinar, you are not required to retake it.

The prerequisite webinar cost is $350 (IOIA non-member rate), $325 (member rate).

(see IOIA Webinar Schedule)

All three steps must be completed by the deadline for you to be considered for acceptance to the Live Online Basic courses.

Please read through this information carefully before filling out the application form.


Each Live Online Basic course includes 4 days of instruction including a virtual pre-recorded field trip to a relevant (crop, processing or livestock) certified organic operation, plus ½ day for testing. Registration is limited to 12 participants. A minimum of 10 participants is required for the course to proceed.


IOIA Live Online Basic Organic Inspection Training courses are recommended for inspector trainees, certification agency staff, regulatory agency staff, farmers, quality control personnel, consultants, and technical service providers who want to better understand the organic inspection and certification process.

PARTICIPANT: Acceptance, Timeline, Materials, and Completion Expectations

Participants accepted into the course are mailed an acceptance package about one month before the course. Participants should allow several days to complete pre-course reading and assignments. Completed assignments must be submitted to IOIA according to deadlines and trainer instructions. The IFOAM/IOIA International Organic Inspection Manual and the USDA National Organic Program Standards are the basis for the Crop, Processing and Livestock Inspection courses. Copies of the Manual and the USDA Rule are included in the registration fee. Participants are also provided a copy of the Generic Materials List, published by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

The course is rigorous, with evening assignments and work sessions. Participants must meet minimum course acceptance criteria, participate in all sessions, complete pre-course assignments, and in-course assignments, and earn at least 75% on the final exam to receive a Certificate of Completion. Letters of Participation are provided for those who choose to audit the course (test and written assignments not required of persons who audit courses) and for those who fail to meet the course completion requirements or the minimum score on graded materials including the exam.


Basic Organic Inspection Training - The 4 ½ -day Basic Inspection Training in the relevant scope (crop, processing or livestock) follows IOIA's curriculum requirements.

The course also includes a virtual (recorded) field trip to a certified organic operation, a written inspection report assignment, and final exam. The exam is scheduled for Friday.

The courses are scheduled from 8:00 am – 2:30 pm (Pacific Time) Monday through Thursday, with additional assignments for the evening, and 8:00 am -11:30 am on Friday. Participants must attend the entire course, to receive a Certificate of Completion or Letter of Participation.

IOIA designed our training format to improve the opportunity for learning and increase participant success. The format has three parts: (1) Prerequisite Standards Webinar, (2) 4 ½ day Live Online training, and (3) Field Training to provide a structured inspection apprenticeship. The 2-day Field Training for Crop Inspection is offered as a separate training course (not offered at this time). Participants are not required to participate in part (3) to receive a certificate for the Live Online basic training.


Applications for participation in IOIA courses are evaluated and ranked according to the applicant’s relevant education, training and life experiences. Attendance to IOIA courses is limited. If you are accepted into the course, an instructional letter and the curriculum materials including pre-course readings and assignments will be mailed to you. Applicants to IOIA trainings must meet the following acceptance criteria.

All Courses:

  • Submission of complete registration, application, résumé, and fees.
  • Fluency of the language in which the course is given.
  • Demonstration of good communication skills (written, verbal and listening).
  • Understanding of and commitment to, enforcement of organic certification principles.
  • Demonstration of related continuing education.



Basic Organic Crop Inspection Training

  • A minimum of 1-year training and/or 1-year experience in organic agriculture, with knowledge of conventional agricultural practices.
  • Knowledge of basic accounting and ability to solve mathematical problems.
  • The 100-Level NOP Crop Standards webinar training (6 Hours). If you have already completed this webinar, you are not required to retake.

Basic Organic Processing Inspection Training

  • A minimum of 1-year training and/or 1-year experience in food processing.
  • Knowledge of basic accounting and ability to solve mathematical problems.
  • The 100-level NOP Processing Standards webinar training (6 hours). If you have already completed this webinar, you are not required to retake.

Basic Organic Livestock Inspection Training

  • A minimum of 1-year training and/or 1-year experience in livestock production, with knowledge of both organic and conventional livestock practices
  • Knowledge of basic accounting and ability to solve mathematical problems.
  • The 100-Level NOP Livestock Standards webinar training (6 Hours). If you have already completed this webinar, you are not required to retake.
  • It is strongly recommended that participants complete the Basic Organic Crop Inspection Training prior to the Livestock course. Requests for exceptions must be directed to the Executive Director and will only be considered for applicants with a solid practical background. 

**Please note all participants who have NOT taken a previous Basic Crop Inspection Training are also required to take the 100-level Crop Standards webinar training (6 Hours) before taking the Livestock course.

Fee Schedule

IOIA members receive a $50.00 discount off the total amount for Live Online or In-Person training and/or a $25.00 discount for each webinar training.

NEW members receive $75.00 off a Supporting Individual membership when accepted into a Basic IOIA training. You are welcome to join IOIA with this training.

IOIA welcomes all participants to consider joining IOIA. Please contact IOIA to request a membership application form or visit IOIA's website to download the appropriate application form. In addition to training discounts and reduced rates on IOIA publications, IOIA members receive other membership benefits including a quarterly newsletter.

Registration Fees (US currency)  
Organic Crop Inspection Training (4.5 days) 2500.00
Organic Processing Inspection Training (4.5 days) 2500.00
Organic Livestock Inspection Training (4.5 days) 2500.00
IOIA Current Member Discount -50.00
NEW Member – 1 Year Supporting Individual Membership discount, with Basic Training Acceptance -75.00
Prerequisite Standards Webinar
Member 325.00
Non-Member 350.00
IOIA 2024 Membership Dues (optional)  
Supporting Individual 150.00
Supporting Business 250.00
Inspector 220.00



If you took IOIA Basic training within the past 3 years, you will NOT be mailed a copy of the IFOAM/IOIA Manual. If you received a manual within the past 3 years but no longer have the manual, add $45.00 to your registration fees receive a new one.


  • All applications for the Basic Live Online Organic Inspection training must be received by the deadline.
  • All fees are due with the application (US funds only - checks, money orders, traveler’s checks). Information on payment is in on-line applications.
  • All fees are non-refundable within 2 weeks of the course start date.
  • Course materials will be shared with each applicant after acceptance to the course.

NOTE: IOIA provides participants with a list of all participant contact information (email). If you do not want to be included on this list, please contact IOIA when you apply.

Criteria for acceptance as an Inspector Member, based on IOIA Bylaws:

  • Formal basic inspector training.
  • Training or experience in agriculture, processing, and/or trade.
  • Review and approval by the IOIA Membership Committee.
  • Completion of IOIA Membership Application.
  • Understanding and acceptance of IOIA Mission Statement, Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.
  • Experience in inspection of organic farming, food processing, and/or trade. Minimum experience is documented in 1 of 2 manners:
    1. Ten organic inspections performed, plus a letter from a certification agency attesting to completion of these inspections. OR
    2. Five supervised inspections performed, plus a letter from a mentor inspector attesting to completion of these inspections.

All registration is through the IOIA office
If you have any questions, please contact IOIA at (406) 436-2031,
or email