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Organic Standards

The full text of these standards is available by clicking on the links.

Bio-Suisse Standards (Switzerland)

Canadian Standards

The Canada Organic Regime is comprised of several documents, including:

1. The Organic Products Regulations -

2. The Standards

3. The Permitted Substances Lists

4. Standards Interpretation Committee Interpretations –

Numbers 2, 3 & 4 above can be found at - http://www.inspection.gc.ca/food/organic-products/standards/eng/1300368619837/1300368673172

Please note that the Standard and PSL are in the midst of their first full revision and it is hoped that the new version will be published in 2015. Also, the Organic Products Regulations are being amalgamated with a number of other food regulations within the new Safe Food for Canadians Act – also hoped to be in place within about 12 months.

Info provided by Kelly Monaghan, Toronto

Standards Council of Canada

European Standards:
Council Regulation (EC No. 834/2007) (European Union)

EC No. 889/2008

Maintained by FiBL, links to European standards and statistics and other organic resources.



Japan Standards

Republic of Korea: For English language pdf documents, click here. Courtesy of Isidor Yu.

LatinAmerican Regs - - Are in Spanish and you may find them here:



Chile: They have a law, rule, and technical standard: http://tinyurl.com/p8q86nu

Costa Rica: Costa Rica’s rule is equivalent to EU as Third Country since approx 2005: http://www.mag.go.cr/legislacion/2001/de-29782.pdf

Info provided by Luis Brenes & Juan Carlos Benitez Izurieta

Mexico Federal Organic Law - in Spanish language only at this time. PDF or MSdoc FAS/USDA Summary - English language

United States Standards:

National Organic Program (NOP)

Other International Standards:

Codex Alimentarius - UN standards

IFOAM NORMS - Purchase download or CD. Also available via this link is the USDA/EU Regs Comparison

Int'l Organization for Standardization