Our Mission: To address issues and concerns relevant to organic inspectors, to provide quality inspector training, and
to promote consistency and integrity in the organic certification process.

IOIA Onsite Training Schedule

IOIA Crop and Livestock Inspection Trainings, South Burlington, Vermont
Crop Course – September 10-14, 2018
Livestock Course – September 17-21, 2018

IOIA will sponsor a Crop Inspection Training and a Livestock Inspection Training at Best Western Plus Windjammer Inn, South Burlington, Vermont. Each course includes 4 days of instruction including a field trip to a certified organic operation, plus ½ day for testing. A minimum of 12 participants is required for each course or it will be cancelled.

Crop Course –
Livestock Course –

Please see the Course Information for further details.

IOIA Advanced Organic Inspector Training, to be scheduled in Vermont
September 15

Agenda is under development. Watch here for details to register.

IOIA/OEFFA 300 Level Advanced Inspector Training: Assessing Biodiversity and Natural Resources on the farm

September 20 (evening) – through September 22

Deer Creek State Park Conference Center, Mt. Sterling, Ohio will be the host venue. Three field trips to vegetable, livestock, and grain farms are included. The overall goal of the training is give participants confidence that they need not be experts in plants, insects, animals, or hydrology to effectively inspect and assess to the NOP rule and related guidance concerning natural resources and biodiversity. The training will focus on the basic visual cues and best practices to use, especially in the Midwest region. Trainer team includes conservation and biodiversity educators Tony Fleming of Indiana (geologist and former inspector) and Jo Ann Baumgartner (Wild Farm Alliance). The course is designed primarily for inspectors and certification staff, but others are also welcome to register. Closest airport is Columbus. Cincinnati is also an option. A link to register will be posted shortly on the IOIA website.

Draft Agenda

IOIA/KDA Field Training for Organic Inspectors, Frankfort, Kentucky
Crop Course - September 24 & 25 (correct dates!)
Livestock Course - September 27 & 28

IOIA Field Training as a structured apprenticeship will include 2 days of practice inspections and report writing. At the Field Training, participants work with an experienced trainer/inspector to participate in two inspections and complete two inspection reports. On Day 1, participants will be in a group of five to six with an experienced trainer/inspector as the lead inspector. On Day 2, participants will be in a smaller group of two or three and they will conduct the inspection, with the trainer/inspector facilitating the inspection process and the learning objectives of the course. Both days of training will include an assessment of participant performance. Participants should arrive late mid-afternoon the day before the training begins and plan to leave in the morning after the last day of the training, to allow ample time to prepare and complete the course expectations and assessment.

Each inspection scope (crop and livestock) of the training will be limited to 10 applicants. The Field Training will include varied inspection operations:  hay, grains, fruit or vegetables (for Crop), and beef or dairy cattle, swine, or sheep (for Livestock).

Crop course -
Livestock course -

Please see the Course Information for full details.

IOIA/JOIA Organic Farm Inspection Training, Tokyo, Japan
September 25 - 28

IOIA and JOIA will cosponsor a 4-day Basic Organic Farm Inspection Training using JAS Standards as a reference. The course will be held at Waseda Houshien, Tokyo, Japan, September 25-28, 2018. The training language will be Japanese. Please contact JOIA for more information about this training. E-Mail: info@joia-organic.com 

IOIA Crop and Processing Training, Farmington, Minnesota, November 2018
Crop inspection course – October 29-November 1 
Processing inspection course – November 5-9

IOIA will cosponsor a Crop Inspection and a Processing Inspection Training at Mount Olivet Conference & Retreat Center, Farmington, MN. Each course includes 4 days of instruction including a field trip to a certified organic operation, plus ½ day for testing. Lead Trainers for the courses will be Margaret Scoles for the Crop and Garry Lean for Processing. Assistant Trainers will be Nate Powell Palm for Crop and Corrine Kolm for Processing.

Application forms and details will be posted here when available.