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IOIA Online Self-Directed Learning

The IOIA Training Institute is pleased to offer organic inspection courses through our online Self-Directed Learning (SDL) program.

The courses currently offered are 200+ level and are available to individuals that are already experienced, working inspectors.

IOIA’s online learning platform allows each participant to complete course outcomes on their own timeline and at their own convenience, provided the entire course is completed within 60 days of being assigned.

Qualifications vary by course, but all 200 level courses and higher require:

  • completion of IOIA’s 100-level in-person basic inspection course in the same scope of the course you wish to take (crop, livestock, handling), and
  • completion of a minimum of 20 organic inspections over a 2 year period.

After your registration and payment are completed, and if you meet the minimum course qualifications, you will receive an approval “Welcome to the Course” email that includes a link to step 1 of the course training.

Note that IOIA members receive a $25 discount on on-line courses. Your discount will be refunded after registration is completed.

Questions? Contact us at ioiaonlinetraining@ioia.net

IOIA Self-Directed Learning
200 level IOIA/AGA Grassfed Dairy Inspection
Online Training for Organic Inspectors

This online course was developed by IOIA with the American Grassfed Association (AGA) to prepare experienced organic dairy inspectors to perform an “add-on” AGA inspection at the same time as an organic inspection, or as a stand-alone AGA inspection.

This course would also be useful in understanding the resources and activities related to any grass-based livestock operation. The course focuses primarily on dairy cattle. Participants will learn AGA meat standards, since some organic dairies may also want to sell cull females and male animals as AGA meat. Dairy farm transition, production and animal handling standards are discussed as well.

It is expected that performing these add-on inspections at the same time as the NOP inspection will take approximately an extra hour.

Course requirements: Completion of a pre-course assignment, review of two pre-recorded presentations and an exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, the inspector is approved by AGA to perform AGA inspections.

The first presentation provides an overview of the AGA standard and where it is the same or different from the NOP. The second session provides resources and tools to aid the organic dairy inspector in conducting a pasture based and animal welfare focused dairy inspection.

Materials for the course include the AGA standards, the AGA on-site inspection checklist, a list of resources, and a sample “animal status inventory worksheet” for use by the dairy farmer and/or the inspector to keep track of the NOP and AGA status of animals on the farm. 

This course is presented by experienced IOIA Trainer Harriet Behar.

Cost of this self-directed course is $350 for members and $375 for non-members. 

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