IOIA Board of Directors, 2020-2021

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Organizational Chart


Lois Christie, Chair*
1119 S. Mission Rd. #245
Fallbrook, CA 92028 USA
Cell: 760.419.5056

Janine Gibson, Vice Chair*
P O Box 689
Steinbach, MB R5G 1M5, Canada
Cell: 204.434.6018

Heather Donald, Secretary*
59 Ossipee Mountain RD
Ossipee, NH 03814 USA
Home: 814.404.1504

Ryan Sitler, Treasurer*
73 Onteora Blvd.
Asheville, NC 28803 USA
Home: 740.258.2502

Philippe Descamps,
Executive Committee Member At Large*
Post Office Box 24
Cahuita, Costa Rica
Home: +506.8823.4563

Rachel Cherry Myers, Director
Buffalo, NY 14123 USA
Cell: 716.472.4331

Chuck Mitchell, Director
P. O. Box 3222
Meaford, ON N4L 1A5, Canada
Cell: 519.378.3885

* Indicates Member of Executive Committee


Proposals for Bylaws changes require a minimum 45-day lead time prior to presentation to the membership. For more information, contact the Bylaws Chair Al Johnson, 609-730-0939.

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Updated 3/2019

IOIA Committees

Accreditation: Chair: Pam Sullivan, 831-277-3557. Board Liaison: Rachel Cherry Myers, 716.472.4331. Purpose: To oversee the inspector accreditation program including to review, adjudicate and propose policy and criteria used to accredit inspectors. To formulate accreditation standards and procedures.

Asia Pacific Committee: Chair: Isidor Yu, +82.31.423.1931. Board Liaison: Chuck Mitchell, 519.378.3885. Purpose: Give voice to Asia members concerns.

Bylaws: Chair: Al Johnson, 609-730-0939. Board Liaison: Margaret Anne Weigelt, 320.469.8106. Purpose: Ongoing response to bylaws issues.

Canadian: Chair: Bill Barkley, 613-543-0491. Board Liaison: Janine Gibson, 204.434.6018
Purpose: Give voice to Canadian members concerns.

Editorial Review: Chair: Open Board Liaison: Ryan Sitler, 740.258.2502. Purpose: Ongoing as needed to review all IOIA publications and materials considered for sale.

Ethics: Chair: Joyce Ford, 507-454-8310. Board Liaison: Janine Gibson, 204.434.6018.
Criteria for membership is past board or alternate service. Created to deal with complaints received by the IOIA office based on the Codes of Ethics and Conduct.

Finance: Chair/Board Liaison: Heather Donald, 814.404.1504. Purpose: Advise board on fiscal matters, combined with fundraising committee.

Fundraising: Chair: Janine Gibson, 204.434.6018 Board Liaison: Heather Donald, 814.404.1504.

Latin American: Chair: Martha Santizo Castillo, 502.570.61331 (Guatemala).
Board Liaison: Philippe Descamps, +506-8823-4563. Purpose: Give voice to Latin American members concerns.

Membership:  Chair: Eric Feutz,  660.248-3321. Board Liaison: Janine Gibson, 204.434.6018.
Purpose: Develop membership services and numbers.

Nominations: Chair: Eric Feutz,  660.248-3321. Board Liaison: Janine Gibson, 204.434.6018.
Purpose: Prepare annual ballot for Board of Directors.

Policy Comment Committee: Board Liaison: Rachel Cherry Myers, (new committee), 716.472.4331

Scholarship: Co-Chairs: Arthur Bassett and JJ Mack. Board Liaison: Philippe Descamps, +506.8823.4563. Purpose: Ongoing review and selection of scholarship applications.

Training Advisory: New Committee. Board Liaison: Philippe Descamps, +506.8823.4563.