IOIA Membership

IOIA is the unified voice for organic inspectors around the world. IOIA is a unique organization, the only one of its kind that represents the needs and efforts of organic inspectors globally. IOIA inspector membership and accreditation are the premier credentials for professional inspectors. Join IOIA to strengthen and support our efforts to ensure rigorous and thorough inspections by competent, well-trained inspectors. Add your voice to others who are striving to make organic the norm, not the exception.

IOIA welcomes all organic inspectors and offers four different levels of supporting membership for individuals and organizations that support our goals. Link to Membership page and PayPal payment links

Benefits include a listing in the IOIA Member Directory for all members, the quarterly newsletter The Inspectors' Report, discounts on trainings and publications, and superb networking opportunities.

All inspector members can participate in the Inspector discussion group, the IOIA Forum, where you can interact with other organic inspectors from around the world. Whether you're a new inspector or a veteran of many years, The IOIA Forum is a place where you can seek helpful advice from others in the field, find out the latest news, and network with your peers and others in the Organic Sector.

IOIA Inspector members have access through the Inspector Member Log-In to business resources, technical resources, and IOIA membership resources such as our latest newsletter, BOD Minutes archives and Annual Reports. IOIA Inspector members have voting rights and can serve on the Board of Directors.