IOIA Training Institute

The IOIA Training Institute has served increasingly diverse audiences since 1993. The IOIA training program started as a rigorous inspector training, with both new and experienced inspectors combined into the same classes. That narrow focus quickly expanded to include specialized courses for a wide variety of audiences.

Over the past 20 years, the Institute has grown into the most versatile and comprehensive organic training program in the world. It includes Live Online courses, onsite trainings, webinars, self-directed online courses, plus static resources, such as Organic Inspection Manuals and on-line resources. Through partnerships, alliances, and our staff of multi-lingual trainers, IOIA responds to the needs of the organic sector. IOIA has provided in-house training for educational institutions, extension staff, government agencies, certification agencies, for-profit companies, and many others.

A few examples of collaborative training:

Vermont livestock training student Costa Rica cabbage Humberto Gonzalez Patrick - Retail photo