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Liability Insurance for Inspectors

IOIA recommends that independent contract inspectors maintain adequate Insurance for their professional inspection practice.

Staff inspectors should consult with their employer to determine if they have adequate insurance protection.

Some certification agencies are now requiring their independent contracted inspectors to carry commercial insurance.

Insurance protection required may include (but not limited to):

Consult a licensed insurance professional knowledgeable about the organic inspection process for assistance with your insurance protection program.

Business Owner’s Liability Insurance provides protection for bodily injury or property damage for your actions while on your client’s premises. This protection is generally and widely available. IOIA recommends that inspectors contact a licensed insurance professional for more information and pricing. However some of our members see pricing of $400 to $750. This protection can often be purchased with professional liability protection (see below).

Professional liability insurance (Errors & Omissions Insurance) is protection for negligent acts and/or omissions resulting in financial loss to your client based on your ‘professional services.’ This coverage is more difficult to place for the organic industry. Premiums may vary but single inspectors with experience are paying about $1000 or more. Rates vary by state, business operations (for example an inspector who also consults), volume of work, number of inspectors, and inspector experience level. 

IOIA will be maintaining a list of professional liability insurance providers. To assist members in obtaining appropriate insurance, IOIA will continue to add to the following list and members are invited to share other providers with IOIA to add to the list.

The list maintained is for your reference only. This does not imply any endorsement or marketing relationship between any insurance provider and/or the IOIA.

Philadelphia Insurance Companies, A member of the Tokio Marine US Group

How to access this insurance?

  1. Contact an independent agency of your choice to obtain a consultation for coverage needed.
  2. Contact Philadelphia Insurance companies directly to obtain more information or to obtain a referral to an agency near you. To find a regional Philadelphia office close to you, visit:  http://www.phly.com/aboutphly/Offices